Day 2 – Today’s thoughts

As I embrace minimalism, I thought about how I must really apply it to my diet. I must keep it simple and not eat too much nor too many extravagant things, much like the attitude I use when I approach the purchase of items. Right now, I do not buy things I do not need and I actively purge things which do not bring utility nor joy to my life. I’ve come to understand I must take the same approach to diet.

Today’s thought exercise is to do a comparison between “Some Day” and “Today”.

Some Day

  • I’ll be fluent in Italian and Norwegian
  • I’ll have a small, quality, well fitting wardrobe
  • I will be fit and healthy, and keep a regular workout schedule
  • I’ll be a proficient yogi and study the sutras well
  • I mediate every day
  • I eat a simple yet quality diet
  • I have a great professional blog and my GitHub contains quality reflections of my knowledge
  • I am an expert on child development
  • I am an expert in neuroscience and physiology
  • I take classes on professional development and that is reflected in how I carry myself
  • I’m really good at statistics


  • I work too many hours in the day (am unbalanced)
  • I still check Facebook and Reddit from time to time
  • I make excuses as to why I don’t go to the gym on the regular (e.g. work)
  • I eat out of boredom or when under stress
  • I spend too much time at my desk
  • I watch too many stupid videos

Now that it’s laid out on paper, I can begin to make adjustments. I’ve also been tempted to delete all of my social media. Why keep around the weak links if they are not of any quality? The focus must be on quality.

Consistency in quality endeavors will bring me that opportunity.

Day 1 – Beginnings

This site is a collection of my thoughts as I adopt the changes required to live my best life. Actions in my life have never fully aligned with my core values and this brought me unhappiness. It is my hope that a daily reflection of thoughts will keep me focused on what matters.

First and foremost are “The Musts” of my life. The things that “must be”. This is my (evolving) Must List:

  1. I must embody the path of minimalism, not allowing the junk of the world to burden me inner well-being
  2. I must eat healthy food (I must keep my eating simple)
  3. I must stay focused on my training plan (workout at least once a day)
  4. I must not work too much
  5. I must get rid of any material item (or ideas, attachments) which do not serve a purpose in my well being.
  6. I must take daily time for meditation.
  7. I must keep a clean and clutter free home

Thus far, I have cleaned out my storage closet here at home. It went from nearly full to now almost empty. The thought process was that if it did not serve a purpose to me then I did not keep it.

I gave away what I no longer needed. I already purchased it and the money was spent; it does no good taking up space in storage.

I sometimes felt bad getting rid of old things, things given to me by my late grandmother or things that one might look at as antiques. But, I am not an antique collector. Were they worth anything? A quick Google search suggested no, not really. What was I afraid of? I was afraid of the idea of losing something that had once belonged to someone I cared for. But, at the end of the day it is just stuff, material objects that serve me no purpose. Whether they are worth something or not is immaterial. The money is spent and lost. I have enough now and there is no need to obsess about “getting every last dime”. I feel that is what anchors people to their things – the guilt and the aspiration to do something useful with their junk.

In this first day of focus, I plan on staying mindful of my List of Musts. On my mind is the abandonment of Social Media (I’m a lurker but never took the plunge to delete). All of the weak and near meaningless connections I have through there — what value are they truly adding?

Today I commit to meditate and go for a run, and after work I’m off to the gym again for some weight training. Always on my mind are the things I can remove from my life to make room for better things.